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Entertainment Update :

Here we have a film about failed government cloak-and-dagger missions in Iraq and the Middle East.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a cautious yet disillusioned operative who takes order from his slightly paunchy CIA show-runner, Russell Crowe in Body of Lies. The latter almost never leaves the US and runs DiCaprio’s outfit through a cellphone attached to his headset.
Each missions gets more difficult to pull off, with him pulling clandestine deals of his own with no regard for DiCaprio’s planning of unearthing an Osama Bin Ladin-type leader of a fanatic terrorist outfit.
There is romantic interest (stuffed in for convenience) for DiCaprio in the form of an Iranian Nurse and there is also a guy with major chops who some might recognize from Syrianna playing the head of Jordanian intelligence.
Oh, and finally the screenplay is by William Monahan who won the Oscar fro The Departed.