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How to Boost Your Energy and Lose a Dress Size in 14 Days

Our World is pure energy - a pulsing, living, life force. Energy never dies. Never. It only gets transformed. YOU are energy: two kinds: there is the one - potential energy. That's what you have - potentially, meaning it's there but you're not doing much with it. It's like the teacher who says to the mother of the eight year old child, " Your child has potential - yes, I see it - but they're just not doing the work. To lose weight you have to first decide that you will do the work it takes to reach your desired goal. How can you translate the thought into doing? That's called kinetic energy. By taking action. Yoga, a 5000 year old form of exercise takes you to kinetic energy and guides you to the path of doing, of taking action.
Yoga also makes you think. When you think about something - that's potential - the actual doing puts your energy to work. Yoga guides you to see the potential of being your fittest self in mind, body and spirit. So what does that term mean- mind, body, spirit and how can yoga help you lose weight? First off, you must decide to lose the weight. Weight loss begins and ends in your mind. Yoga brings you a realization of your full potential of kinetic energy to motivate your mind to take the actions so vital to take charge of the health of your body. When your mind and body feel are positively in sync, your spirit feels energized and ready to take on the challenges of your busy life.